Family Update

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve written, it’s almost embarrassing to come back here to post an update.  So no fanfare this time.  Here goes:

So since the last post, I’ve been through a lot of changes, personally and professionally.  First, and most importantly, I became a father for the third time, our only daughter.  Kaylee was born in the middle of the night just 6 days after Ryan’s 6th birthday, after a mere 90 minutes of labor.  Rachel was a real trouper, going through the whole birth without anesthetic since the labor came on so suddenly.  Kaylee is almost a year old now, and without a doubt has both of her parents wrapped around her finger.

Next up: geography.  Earlier this summer, we packed up and moved to Allen, Texas.  The move to the metroplex area was a decision several years in the making, and to be frank it was probably decided long ago.  We had been dissatisfied with a number of aspects of Sherman, with the lack of career opportunities and mediocre public schools at the top of the list.  We sold our house in Sherman back in July, moved to an apartment for a couple of months, and then purchased a house late August.  After a bit of adjustment for the kids (especially Ryan, who didn’t handle all of the changes very well at first), everyone seems to be adapting well.  The boys especially like the new house, since it is the first home they’ve had with stairs.

Since my last post, I’ve had some remarkable changes in my career.  I left my position at WNJ after four years to take a job with a business intelligence consulting firm in the Dallas area (which was another contributing factor to our move).  I found myself getting bored with jobs after 3 years or so, and was searching for a role that would give me enough variety to keep me grounded, and consulting has so far delivered exactly that.  I work with and for a great group of people, and the variety of projects to which I am assigned keeps me interested and helps to keep my skills sharp.  In addition to the job change, I received the distinction of Microsoft MVP, an annual award that is bestowed on fewer than 300 people in my field.

So that’s it for the major changes.  Lots of little things to catch up on, but we’ll work through that in future, hopefully more frequent posts.

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