Summer Update

It’s been months since I’ve written, so here’s a bit of an update:

Rachel has officially started our new photography business.  She had her first shoot a couple of weeks ago, and has another several shoots planned for this month and next.  We’re doing a karate tournament on the first Saturday of August, which is the first shoot I’ll get to take part in since the business started (I got to work with our mentor Craig on some other stuff, but this is the first commercial shoot I will have done for our own business).  Things are a little slow right now, but we expected this – we actually got started about 2 months late, and missed the window for summer bookings.  However, we’re talking to many companies, including dozens of schools, and there are lots of possibilities there.

The kids continue to grow.  Ryan is looking forward to the 2nd grade, though we’re going to miss his first grade teacher (Mrs. Azimi was fantastic).  Evan is, um, quite spirited and independent – far much more than Ryan was at that age.  Kaylee is going through potty training now.  She will occasionally go to the potty on her own, but still goes in the diaper more often than not.

When school resumes, the younger two will be going part time to a church-based day care in Lucas, just a few miles from here.  Evan will be on a 4 day program, and Kaylee will have 2 days a week there. Hopefully this will give Rachel enough time to run the business – if not, we’ll look for some supplemental care.  We’ve had a really good sitter who has stayed with the kids this summer, but she’s a college student and won’t be available after this month.  We’re hoping that the business will build up where we will have the option of returning them to full-time daycare (or at least 3-4 full days per week), but for now it’s a bit of a reach to drop $2200 or more per month on child care.

Rachel’s grandfather has not been doing well.  He’s been moved to an assisted living facility, which he resisted for a while but he’s slowly learning to adjust.

We’re still finding our way down here in the “big” city of Allen.  It was a year ago this month that we left Sherman, and overall it’s been a very positive move for us.  The kids have gotten used to being away from grandparents, though they still go back to Sherman from time to time to spend the day (or the night) with them.  We’ve been attending Chase Oaks Church for a while and have made some new friendships there.

All in all, things are going great.  Still hopeful that the business will take off, but we’re excited about it all and looking forward to what comes next.  More soon!

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