Random thoughts about Christmas past

Christmas Day + 1.  The snow is starting to show signs of melting, all of the toys have been opened (and many since ignored), and it’s almost time to yank down the decorations.

It barely seemed like Christmas at all this year.  Normally I’m wrapped up in Christmas music, getting into the buying spirit, and generally feeling Christmasy by the first part of December.  This year, chaos seemed to suck away much of my holiday spirit.  Work has been crazy (in a good way – lots of people want me on their projects) so my free time has been pretty scarce.

familyBut I think the kids really enjoyed it.  We started off last Friday by having some friends over for dinner, after which Ryan’s friend Luke spent the night.  Early in the evening, Evan decided to jump on Ryan’s top bunk mattress, bouncing so hard that he actually split the wood frame of the mattress (which led me to a mattress shopping trip two days before Christmas… ugh.)  On Saturday, we went to my Dad’s where we did family pictures for everyone, after which everyone was treated to a visit from St. Nick and Mrs. Claus.

family2After replacing Ryan’s mattress on Sunday morning, we went to my uncle’s house that evening for Christmas with my mom’s family.  Note to self that we need to spend more time with my uncle and aunt – they are a short 30 minute drive from us, and it’s always fun when we hang out with them.

My cousin Somer and her family came in on Sunday night to spend the night with us.  They arrived late, having spent the evening at Six Flags, but we did get to hang out and catch up for a while on Sunday night and Monday before heading off to Denison.  Our kids were really excited to have Hannah spend the night – they come to stay with us a couple of times a year, and they’re always elated to have her.

family3Monday night was Christmas Eve, which means spending the evening at the home of my paternal grandparents.  This has a lot of great memories for me – Christmas Eve at Nonny’s was always the event that represented Christmas for me.  We’d always get together about 5pm, have homemade stew with Club crackers and Mountain Dew, and then exchange gifts.  Of course, growing up I cared about little else but the gifts, but as an adult I appreciate the opportunity to see family members I rarely see.

family4At our house, we’ve established Christmas morning as our family time.  We did the kids’ Santa gifts followed by our own gifts to each other.  This year I got Rachel a new 50mm f/1.8 lens for her Nikon (since I can’t convince her to make the move to Canon cameras – I already have this glass for my Canon).  The kids got a plethora of gifts, including toys (of course), new superhero wall decals for their rooms, and new bathrobes (which they insist that everyone wears each morning).  We family5spent Christmas afternoon at Glenna’s where we watched the snow (yes, snow!) fall throughout the afternoon.  We wrapped up the day by playing in the snow at Glenna’s and then driving back home through the mess and traffic.

So it’s officially over, here one day past Christmas.  As in many recent holiday seasons, it seems that it’s just flown by.  And just think – only 364 more days ’til the next one!

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